Organisation and governance

The Foundation has two bodies: a Board of Directors and a Selection and Evaluation Committee.

The Board of Directors

Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of the Nexans Group, the Foundation's Board of Directors is composed of eight members appointed for a term of five years. 

The Board is composed of 3 colleges: the college of the founding companies, the college of employee representatives and the college of qualified persons. 

The Board determines the Foundation’s action program. It selects projects requesting funding of 30,000 euros or more and monitors their implementation. The Board of Directors is kept informed of changes to any project whether the funding amount if less than or greater than 30,000 euros. 

It is planned that the Board of Directors shall meet once a year and whenever the interests of the Foundation so require.

Members :

First college (founding companies) 

  • Christopher Guérin, Chief Executive Officer of the Nexans Group, Chairman of the Nexans Foundation  
  • Antonino Cusimano, Senior Corporate VP General Counsel & Secretary General  
  • Benjamin Fitoussi, Senior Executive VP B&T Northern BG & COO 
  • Olivier Chevreau, CFO B&T Southern BG
  • Johan Burnier, Business Development Manager 72KV

Second college (employee representatives) 

  • Marie-Hélène Meyer, Controller of the Business Line Land High Voltage, 

Third college (external qualified persons) 

  • Philippe Joubert, Expert Energy and Climate with the World Council(Advise) of Companies for the sustainable development (WBCSD) and Board Member of Nexans 

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The Selection and Evaluation Committee

The Selection and Evaluation Committee has permanent members, appointed by the Board of Directors, including the Secretary General of the Foundation, representatives of the various divisions of the Nexans Group with at least one representative of the MERA (Middle East, Russia and Africa), Asia-Pacific and North America areas, as well as one energy equipment specialist. 

The Selection and Evaluation Committee selects the projects for which the requested funding exceeds 30,000 euros and which will be submitted to the Board of Directors while making sure they comply with the specified strategic directions. 

The Selection and Evaluation Committee selects, by a majority of those present, the projects requesting funding of less than 30,000 euros on the basis of the action program defined by the Board of Directors and presents to the Board of Directors a report listing projects selected in this way. 

It determines an evaluation and monitoring process for the Foundation’s partnerships, programs and procedures. 

The Selection and Evaluation Committee meets once a year and whenever the interests of the Foundation so require.

Members :

  • Laurence Vandaele, Corporate CSR Director and Secretary General for the Nexans Foundation
  • Bertrand Julian,CRS Project Manager 
  • Johan Burnier, LHV Execution Project, Project
  • Eric Dutertre, Global Market Director Railways 
  • Jean-Marie Jay, Business Developer Power Plant 
  • Natacha Jushko, Area Sales Manager - Southern & Eastern Africa, Egypt, Lybia 
  • Pierre Kayoun, Corporate VP Technology & Innovation
  • Melina Konig, Strategic Marketing & Marcom Manager - Brazil & South America
  • Marie Letailleux, Services Operation Manager 
  • Sebastian Schick, B&T Cluster Manager Sales Central Europe

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