Jirogasy, AccesMad and the Nexans Foundation join forces for the scientific training of young Malagasy people

Aug 5, 2019

The Malagasy start-up Jirogasy and the association AccesMad will install solar-powered computers in high schools on the Big Island this summer to promote science education.

Tara-Masoandro project: civil society mobilizes for the scientific education of Malagasy students

While Madagascar is ranked among the 5 poorest countries in the world and the country needs skilled workers more than ever, Jirogasy and AccesMad have decided to launch the "Tara-Masoandro Project" which will install 24 computers in 3 high schools and a vocational training centre on the Big Island. In total, a minimum of 1,680 students and 24 teachers will be trained through the installation of this equipment. 

This project, supported by the Ministry of National Education and Technical and Vocational Training, will be deployed in high schools in the following cities: Sainte-Marie (Analanjirofo Region); Ampanotokana (Analamanga Region); Belo / Tsiribihina (Menabe Region); Firavahana (Bongolava Region).

Jirogasy will provide the technical part of this ambitious project. The computers in the centre of the device will be powered by photovoltaic panels. Where the current equipment only operates 3 to 4 hours a day, the Malagasy start-up's solution, whose solar kits are 100% Vita Malagasy, allows an autonomy of 8 hours which offers optimal working conditions.

With this project, AccesMad will make available its EducMad multimedia library, which houses more than 5000 digital educational documents, including illustrations, animations and examples of practical work. These documents will train students and teachers in science so that they can offer Madagascar the skills it sorely lacks. A "photovoltaic MOOC", produced by the association L'Énergie d'Apprendre, will also be developed to raise awareness of renewable energy and the maintenance of solar equipment.

The Nexans Foundation, for its part, is providing financial support to the project with a generous donation of 20,000 euros. This commitment is part of the Foundation's approach to facilitating access to energy for disadvantaged populations around the world. The Valorem - Watt4Change Endowment Fund also provides financial support of 4,900 euros.

For Julian Beck, head of AccesMad, "this project is an additional and innovative step to support the development of science education in Madagascar, with technologies adapted to the country's geographical and energy constraints". Yann Kasay, founder of Jirogasy, underlines "the social role of renewable energies and in particular solar energy, which constitutes an opportunity for Madagascar's growth".

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